Welcome to Composeg!

I find myself spending a lot of time playing around on Strava, and when I discovered that there exists a REST-based API giving access to a lot of the interesting data that is stored in the Strava database, I thought it would be fun to do something with this API.

When I read this article (in Norwegian; it's about combining the leaderboards of the three most busy segments in the Oslo area into a single "King of Mountain, Oslo" list), I got the idea for this site. Composeg is about generating "composite segments", and these are segments consisting of two or more proper segments from Strava. Once generated, the user can view the combined leaderboard for the segments of the composite segment. The leaderboard can be computed in two different ways:

By points: All riders withing the top fifty of any of the segments are included. The top-ranked rider per segment is awarded 50 points, and the rider at 50th is given a single point. A total sum for each rider across the segments gives the points that the rider is awarded for the composite segment.

By total time: Only riders that are within the top fifty of all of the segments within the composite segment are included. The total time for the rider provides the basis for the list.

Questions or comments? Please drop a line at composegstrava@gmail.com

Ride on!